An IOS (Iphone&Ipad) and Google Play (Android) developer account is required to publish an app to their respective stores. They respectively cost $99/year (iOS) and $25 (Android). With these accounts you’ll be able to publish apps under your name. We can publish your apps under your developer accounts, however this will require you to give us access to theses accounts, so you’ll have to give us your login account information in the publishing section.  Alternitivley we can publish your apps under our development accounts for no cost to you with the Pro package.

Other information needed to publish your app is below:

  • Description of the app : just a few words to describe the application : what’s in, what users could do with it, etc.
  • Keywords : some keywords for your application separated by commas. For example for a restaurant : “business name”, “restaurant”, “town+restaurant”, “town+business name”, etc.
  • Application store categorie(s) : for a business it’s not really obvious as store’s categories are “books”, “productivity”, “lifestyle”, “entertainment”…we recommend to choose “lifestyle” for businesses apps, or “food and drink” if it’s a restaurant. You can choose a second category but it’s not mandatory.
  • A domain name for Webapp domain and CNAME modifications : this one is a little bit harder for non tech savvy people. In fact, when you build your app on Rocket App Builder you get a mobile website (or webapp) in addition to your 2 native apps (IOS & Android). This webapp will be accessible from users mobile browser.