To create an address for your mobile site, and so to obtain a custom url, either:

  • You are a reseller:
    • you can create the address of your client’s mobile site from your domain name
    • or you can create the address of your client’s mobile site from the client’s domain name
  • You are not a reseller:
  • you will create the mobile site address from your domain name.

In any case, you will follow the same steps.

Warning : fill this field before publishing your app, otherwise it will not be possible to integrate it in your app without a new submission process and so some publication fees.

Once you are in your application on, go to the “Settings” menu, then tap “Domain”. In “Domain Name” enter the domain or subdomain that you have chosen.

If you are a reseller, and you wish to create the mobile addresses of your clients from your domain name, we recommend you to choose subdomains in the following format: “” That way, you’ll be sure to have only one subdomain per client/business.

Next, you must create a CNAME on your registrar admin interface.

Fill in the fields with your choice of subdomain for your mobile site. Make sure that you fill in the same one that you previously entered into Rocket. Then enter “” as destination address.

Confirm, and a few minutes later you will be able to access the mobile site using the address you created.